Divergent recognise that returning to school is vital for children's education and well-being and in having read the latest government guidance recognise that extra curricular activities, including our acting school and after school clubs are an still an important way to support cognitive and academic development.

We look forward to joining you again soon. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and to keep students and staff safe, Divergent will be implementing the following:

  • A thoroughly reviewed health and safety risk assessment (which can be found on our policies page.)
  • When previously we have worked in groups of up to 30, groups must now remain in their learning bubbles of single class sizes or less than 15.
  • Props may not be shared between students and will be cleaned before and after the activity. This will be assessed on an individual basis to avoid potential cross contamination.
  • Surfaces that the children and adults touch (such as handles) will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Divergent will encourage children to perform as an individual wherever possible. When not possible Divergent staff will encourage children to avoid close face to face contact and minimise time spent within 1 metre of anyone.
  • Divergent facilitators/staff will keep two meters away from adults and children wherever possible.
  • Divergent facilitators/staff will clean their hands regularly, particularly after each class, after a break and before and after eating.
  • Divergent will work alongside each school and space, agreeing to the best approaches for their individual circumstances including making each facilitator aware of the school's or spaces health and safety risk assessment.
  • Any facilitator who shows signs of COVID-19, or lives in a household with signs of COVID-19, will be asked to comply with the government's track and trace policies and self isolation policies.

Please rest assured that we will be working with each individual school and space to make sure we comply with their COVID-19 related policies. Our top priority is to keep staff and children safe during our sessions.

We hope to see you in the not too distant future.

Warmest wishes
Kate, Vicky and the Divergent Team